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Welcome to the official Crime Cats Merchandise Store!

This store is personally operated by Wolfgang Parker, author and illustrator of the award-winning Crime Cats mystery book series. That's right. It's me, Wolfgang, typing this—not some tech dude. 

I've personally created each graphic and chosen the very best available product for printing. Having said that, please understand product supply; manufacturing; printing; and shipping are handled by third parties. I have no control over product flaws, such as construction or printing defects. However, I will do everything possible to ensure the Crime Cats products you receive are of the best possible quality and free of defects.

Please contact me through this site if you have a problem with an order. Write an email explaining the situation to the best of your ability, provide pictures if you can, and I'll address the issue as soon as possible.

Thanks to your support of the Crime Cats book series, the brand has grown into philanthropy efforts (the Crime Cats Relief Fund and the Crime Cats Mystery Club) and now into merchandising. Thank you for your continuing support of independent art. 

~Wolfgang Parker